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  • Client:Globespinning
  • Platform:iOS Native App
  • Year:2014
  • Visual Design:Lucila Diaz Spólita
  • Interaction Design Assistance:Agustina Feijóo
A fun app for planning and sharing trip itineraries

Globespinning is an iOS app where friends share photo itineraries of trips they have taken, inspiring users to visit new destinations and saving them time and effort when planning their adventures.

I helped this Seattle-based startup plan and improve the user flow within the app, organize the functionalities into screens, and create a visually appealing and usable interface.

My responsibilities:
  • Refining the vision for the product's design by rethinking the user flows and organizing the information architecture for the app.
  • Creating wireframes for the key screens and overseeing the completion of the structural design tasks.
  • Testing with users to validate the efficiency of the design solutions, and iterating to improve them.
  • Managing the visual design phase of the project, including creating a style guide and preparing the assets for development.
  • Interfacing with the iOS development team to make sure they understood the specifications and had everything they needed to fulfill them.
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