Carnegie Mellon Acrobatiq

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  • Client:Carnegie Mellon University
  • Platform:Web
  • Year:2014
  • Visual Design:Cecilia Carlino, Belén Soria, Guido Fortini
A smart evidence-based platform for online learning programs

Acrobatiq is an e-learning initiative of Carnegie Mellon University designed to optimize student engagement. It provides online adaptive courseware and a personalized learning platform that helps faculty to monitor student progress by measuring and analyzing their performance.

I helped Acrobatiq launch in 2014 by designing their marketing site and managing the team that developed it in WordPress. I also contributed to the creation of the courseware platform.

My responsibilities:
  • Wireframing the key screens in the marketing site and overseeing the visual design process.
  • Creating a style guide for the website, web application, and marketing materials.
  • Managing the website development project and ensuring the design was implemented properly.
  • Setting up the user flow and designing wireframes for the student onboarding process.
  • Designing progress indicators and key aspects of the navigation for the courseware user interface.
  • Creating graphics, charts, and visualizations for the initial set of training programs.
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