Natura Nós

  • Client:Natura Cosméticos
  • Platform:Web
  • Year:2008
  • Brand and Icon Design:Clara Lagos
  • Interaction Design Assistance:Joaquin Wall
An internal social network for more than 900,000 beauty consultants

Natura is Brazil's #1 manufacturer of cosmetics and beauty products. A network of almost a million consultoras promote the company values and products to consumers throughout the country, making it the leader in the direct sales sector in Latin America.

Collaborating with a fantastic international team and spending more than a year between 2007 and 2008, I helped design Natura Nós, a social network for the company's large community of representatives, employees, and collaborators to connect with their peers, share their experiences, and strengthen their relationship with the brand.

The project was a massive success, mutating through the years into a series of different online platforms and even a huge yearly music festival featuring artists like Sting, Jamiroquai, and Jack Johnson; it also led to launching an even more ambitious online platform for the European market, a project in which I also participated in 2009.

A very cool and innovative feature of this project is that it sported a "like" (eu adorei) button before Facebook did (again, this was 2008). I still remember the discussions around whether we should include a "dislike" button or not : )

My responsibilities:
  • Product design: converting the business objectives into product and experience strategies.
  • User research: interviewing stakeholders and potential users, defining personas, and validating design solutions through usability testing.
  • Information architecture: defining the navigation model, and organizing and labelling the different sections and features of the platform.
  • Visual design: working with the design team to create the final look and feel, renewing and invigorating the brand environment, and developing a fully documented web style guide.
  • Web production: working closely with the development team, organizing and facilitating their tasks to ensure the business and experience requirements were met.
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